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Falling out of Summer

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Mark Smith
Falling out of Summer

Make sure your home can stand up to the fall

The cool air temperatures have started to hit us, and after a summer well deserved starts to come to a close, we are left trying to get our homes in order.  How do you prepare for fall as a homeowner? For some of us it may be our first season change in a new home; for others it may simply be that time of year again.  Either way we would do best to prepare ourselves and our homes properly.  Here are some easy checks you can do to ensure your home is ready for fall to hit.

Stand up to Fall Checklist

  • Drafts
  • AC unit
  • Home devices
  • Roof
  • Winter water
  • Landscaping
  • Close that pool
  • Winter-ready garage

Draft check

Check your home for drafts.  This may seem common sense but really extends to much more than that. Drafts can equal costly monetary expenses.  Especially if you live somewhere where your heat will be on for the majority of fall and definitely winter.  Check your windows and doors in particular, you don't want your cold air escaping.

AC unit check

İf you live in a climate where you don't think you will be using your air conditioning any longer- you may as well jump ahead of the game and go ahead and winterize your outdoor unit.  What this means is you will want your outdoor units to be covered with a proper guard. Similarly if you use window units it is best to start removing them or covering them now- or else they will be one of your largest energy consumption culprits via drafts.

Home devices

Now is a good time to check all of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide safety devices.  Checking their batteries seasonally is always a good thing to do.  Go ahead and have the proper devices replaced or checked by a professional to be sure.  İn addition to these devices you should consider buying one of those new nifty temperature controlled thermostats.  These devices have settings in which you can have the temperature lowered while you sleep or automatically when you are not home.  Another advantage of these devices are that if you leave the home without adjusting the temperature or you are arriving home soon you can change the set temperature remotely.  This can save you a lot of money in heating in the long run, and serve to increase your family's comfort.

Roof check

Do an exterior check of what condition your roof seems to be in.  İf you are unsure of it's condition based on your own physical inspection (you may want to whip out those forgotten about binoculars for this); you can always call a professional to come and check it out.  İf your roof is flat or has obstructions where debris may have collected atop it, you are going to want that debris removed by yourself or more optimally a professional.  You will want to make sure all is in order before the wet and heavy weather of the fall or winter comes around to weigh down existing debris.  On the same page you will want to take note of any loose or missing shingles and tiles and have them dealt with by a professional.

Gutter Check

Before more cool weather comes around, you should really check out your gutters.  You will want to remove leaves and debris from your gutters.  While you are out there you should keep an eye on the water flow offered by your downspout.  Water should flow out of your downpours in order to avert it from damaging things like your foundation, driveways, or walkways.  Checking for any leaks in your gutters and downspouts is important; it may even be necessary to add extensions to your existing systems should you found they are cutting it short both literally and figuratively.

Winter water check

You may have lovingly watered your lawn yourself all summer, but that hose has finished it's journey.  Be sure to unplug your hose and drain it of any existing water so that it can hibernate without freezing in your garage.  Remember to shut off exterior faucets at the same time, and if you are in an older home be sure to turn off the valve for said spouts.  You definitely don't want to forget this before winter comes, or you'll be stuck with a big cleanup and mess- along with costly damages.  Depending on your home you may want to call in a professional to have your sprinkler or irrigation system completely drained and checked.  When you manage your irrigation system don't forget to mark sprinkler head locations for future snow removal systems to be visible. 

Landscaping check

İf you are an avid potted plant lover, now is the time to take your year round pots inside to protect them from the harsh climate.  While you're out in your yard you will want to trim back any bushes or flowers before the cold months to help them grow better later.  You should also consider fertilizing your lawn as many suggest before the climate change.  An important but sometimes overlooked task is to trim your trees and to scope out whether or not you see any trees which could pose hazardous to your home, street, or power lines if damaged.  A seemingly obvious but oftentimes left to the last minute check is to ensure leaf removal is done for a last time for your yard.  These are all things done to prepare your property, home, and health of your future yard.

Close up your pool

We know, it's bittersweet to say goodbye to the summer and that must be particularly true for those of us lucky enough to have a pool and patio.  Nonetheless you must close your pool, so it's time to call a professional in (unless you know how to do this yourself) and have the systems shut off and the cover placed.  While you are kissing that summer yard goodbye it's a good time to remember that patio furniture must be protected for winter.  Those items that are seasonal should be placed inside for protection, or covered and bound properly. 

Winter ready garage

First and foremost you should always check that generator to make sure all is in order, or call a professional to service and check it for you.  You don't want to be experiencing blackouts at inopportune or dangerous times during the cold months.  What most people do not realize is that the trusty lawnmower should also optimally be serviced, drained of fuel, tuned, and sharpened before trading places with the snowblower.  Likewise when you are whipping out your snow blower you are going to want to service, fuel, and tune that.  You don't want to wake up on a snowy morning to find out you are snowed in without a working snowblower.  You should always buy some extra gasoline to have on hand for your car, generator, and appliances.  There is nothing like realizing you've run out of gas during a particularly bad winters day- or worse, during a storm. 

Better safe than sorry

When preparing for these seasonal changes you must keep in mind that the alternative to preparedness is dangerous and costly.  Homes can take massive damages due to just a few of these checks being overlooked.  While it may seem excessive to prepare your home so much, homeowners will agree that to prepare is much, much better than the alternative.  A damaged roof, water damage, frozen pipes, and many more issues can devastate a household and your household finances.  More than the financial downside though, you risk actual safety by foregoing many of these checks.  Do yourself a favor and prepare for the Fall. Make it easy for yourself and use Kronoz to easily schedule any of these home maintenance checks with a few clicks of a button, they'll have you covered.

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