How to find the right plumber

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Mia Keen
How to find the right plumber

How do you know which plumber is right for the job

When you experience a plumbing issue in your house it is an inconvenience to all.  Unlike many other household chores that can be thrown to the back burner, plumbing issues can not wait.  So what do you do when you experience one yourself? Who do you call, and who do you pick?

Plumbers are required by all states to receive licenses before working.  That's great and all, but how are you to know whether or not they've got their proper credentials? Companies that dispatch you a plumber may not always make sure for you, but with a company such as Kronoz- they always ensure all of their providers have proper licensing and credentials as well as thoroughly updated background checks on the companies and their respective providers.  They take the guesswork out of the situation.

Cost and pricing

Most professional plumbers should be able to give you an estimate of cost before arriving to take care of the job.  Remember this is a service you may have to rely on not only during your current crisis, but a solution you can rely on in the future during uncomfortable times.  Whether it's a burst pipe, an overflow issue, or a flood disaster service- plumbing issues are generally time sensitive and inconvenient.  On a platform such as Kronoz you can rest assured that your services will have upfront pricing, virtual consultations for immediate advice or estimate, and the solution to your crisis in the palm of your hand.


Time sensitive issues like plumbing make it imperative your provider both respond and physically reach you swiftly. You don't want to be waiting around during a broad time-window that may span many hours while watching your house receive more and more damages.  Prolonged waiting times are more than just annoying, they can cost you big.  The faster you deal with a plumbing or water issue in your home the better shape you will be in when considering the cost of repair.

Stay local

A local plumber is first and foremost more likely to reach you and respond quicker to you in your time of need.  You will want to use a plumber that is local in regards to speed of contact, but also staying local ensures you a community favored business.  More than that, your plumber will likely be from your own community.  You want someone trusted by others and who knows your area well.

Sum it up

You want your plumber to be close by, local, timely, and licensed and insured.  You always want to make sure the plumber you pick is able to handle the type of job you need done.  With a platform like Kronoz you can ensure your chosen professional meets all your criteria, and you can do so with a few clicks of a button.  You never need to sacrifice quality when allowing someone new to enter and repair your home.

Why use Kronoz?

Kronoz allows you to easily find and book local pros while guaranteeing you get the best price. Just search for a service by location, service type and date. Find someone who does the service that you want. Click "Book Now" with one click!  

Stay in the know

You will get a confirmation text and email immediately. That way, you know that the appointment is there for when it works for you.

Guarantee your happiness

If there are any problems or questions, call our customer support team and we will fix make it right or give you a full refund.