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The Covid impact on reshaping business

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Sarah Lee
The Covid impact on reshaping business

Covid's lasting impact on local business

You've heard it before and surely will hear it again; we are living in a "new normal". What does that actually mean for America's small business sector? What does it mean for consumers in a largely global community?

Small businesses in a post pandemic world

America saw as our local communities began to shutter, storefronts closed and both consumers and business owners retreated into a quarantined world.  İt as impossible to keep the rent going, to keep the employed well...employed.  Now that we are experiencing the slow but sure reopening- what will have changed in this new status quo of normal?

Food industry boom

Restaurants struggled nation wide due to closings, empty venues still due for rent, and overall down tick in operability.  Ghost kitchens began opening, and all of your local favorites became adept to delivery and to-go ordering with contact free methods. Those of us whom would never before have ordered food in regularly began not only ordering vehemently but began ordering our groceries, appliances, consumer products in fervor online.  Small businesses as well as large corporations were forced and pushed to adapt to this fast paced internet based economy at great speeds.

Online based consumers

As more and more businesses adapted, those who didn't fell back on the evolutionary timeline.  Whereas pre pandemic consumers ordered much through the rise of Amazon and online shopping- service industries had been slower on their uptick. Now consumers have become conditioned to demand timely and efficient solutions to their problems.  Post pandemic consumers were problem solvers- they endeavored to continue their lives while maintaining safety- and that has bred an age of revolution.

Age old services

Services such as housecleaning, appliance repair, pet needs, child help, education; these have all become widely available through the power of the internet.  Whereas pre pandemic consumers have the luxury of using word of mouth and societal references; post pandemic consumers learned to fend for themselves.

Business age post pandemic

As consumers update their behavior so do too businesses in turn. Services are complex culminations of people, pricing and labor.  Converting all business to online may not have been possible had it not been for the power of Zoom conferencing and webinars.  Using chat functionality these before thought of as in person tasks have been able to evolve properly as remotely handled tasks.  Consultations with disproportionate consultation fees are no longer necessary just as the pandemic ruled out the need for a court room for driving tickets.

Person to person contact at a high albeit remote

This probably comes down to the fact that as our generations have experienced so much through the digital age- we have all first and foremost learned to adapt and to socialize digitally.  Whether it is social media engagement or facetimes with your family for a birthday- we all adapted to this new normal over the years.  Our physical distance has stopped defining our limitations on relationships and work.  Remote workers have reigned in a new golden age of work.  Consumers have adapted to this change and in turn altered the evolution at each step.

Everything really is easier

İf you've caught yourself wondering if the array of services offered at your digital fingertips has really been expanding at the rate it feels like, then you have noticed what has now become ingrained in our society.  Old age thinking where services aught to be left to in person tactics have become obsolete.  Whether it's new floors or a SAT prep for your eldest child, it's all available with the same ease of ordering a hamburger from your couch with Netflix playing. Kronoz embraced this evolution, upgrading the professional service age through digital accessibility. You can order any service, speak to any type of service professional, all within a few seconds from the comfort of your own home, and that is exactly how it should be. Service and chill.

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