Tips on Hiring a Great House Cleaner

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Ryan James
Tips on Hiring a Great House Cleaner

How to keep your home squeaky clean

Hiring a housekeeper is an age-old dilemma. While it is a fairly standard practice, it can prove overwhelming to first timers.  So what questions and reviews should you have in place?

-Review some guidelines first:

The bottom line is that this person will be in your home, around your belongings, and around your family. You must endeavor to choose wisely. But how do you go about it exactly?

Are they background checked?:

This is often overlooked by homeowners- and should be one of your first priorities. You will want to know whether or not the cleaner coming to your house is background checked- but not only that; you should be asking the business whether or not they perform background checks on their employees.  This may seem arduous to some; which is why companies like Kronoz make sure all of their companies, and their employees are regularly checked and updated.  They also make sure the business you choose to work with is properly insured should anything happen.

Be upfront with pricing:

Pricing should be determined based on the type of clean you are looking for, and the size of the home/office you are looking to clean.  Other factors to consider when searching are your area size, whether pets are in the home, flooring type, children, and specific cleaning tasks such as ovens/stoves/laundry. To create an easy booking experience Kronoz allows you to select your type of cleaning and add on from an array of options to suit your every length of checklist. 

How regularly do you want it?

Regularity in cleanings are widely preferred by many in order to upkeep the cleanliness of their household- although infrequent deep cleans are another solution for some! Weekly, bi-weekly, or any other cleaning regularities are easily selected for their respective discounted rates on Kronoz- to simplify each leg of the process.

Why use Kronoz?

Kronoz allows you to easily find and book local pros while guaranteeing you get the best price. Just search for a service by location, service type and date. Find someone who does the service that you want. Click "Book Now" with one click!  

Stay in the know

You will get a confirmation text and email immediately. That way, you know that the appointment is there for when it works for you.

Guarantee your happiness

If there are any problems or questions, call our customer support team and we will fix make it right or give you a full refund.